UNEA - Second United Nations Environment Assembly:: Reports
Delivering on the environmental dimension of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

Theme: Implementing 2030 Agenda and SDGs




This special event by the EMG will allow interaction among UN agencies and Member States to share their thoughts and perspectives on two sets of issues:

1) Conceptual aspects of environmental sustainability goals and targets including :

  • Linkages of the environmental goals and targets of the SDGs
  • Linkages between the existing environmental goals/processes and the environmental dimensions of the SDGs;
  • The role of the SDGs in implementing the MEAs and similarly the role of MEAs in implementing the SDGs and possible synergies between the inter-related targets;
  • Inclusion/integration of MEA targets and SDGs at the national level, e.g. through the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and the National Biodiversity Action Plans (NBSAPs);

2) Implementation and delivery of support to Member States including :

  • Implementation, reporting and monitoring of the SDGs (overall governance of the 2030 agenda) and the planned support structure for these, as well as issues related to the governance and delivery of the of the environmental dimensions of the SDGs
  • Needs of Member States in understanding the integrated approach to SDG implementation in their national and strategic planning systems for development and ways that the UN system can support this process;
  • Effective use of existing mechanisms for reporting on implementation of the SDGS such as national and regional environmental performance reviews as well as national reports on the implementation MEAs.