Common indicators to fight pollution in the Mediterranean


The ECAP Correspondence Group on Monitoring (CORMON) will hold its first meeting on 8 and 9 May 2014 in Athens, with a focus on monitoring the pollution and litter cluster. Experts from contracting parties, and NGOS are expected to attend the meeting.

Building on the outcomes of the last CORGEST meeting on common indicators, the group will review a proposal on major elements of the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme with regards to contaminants, eutrophication and marine litter.

The meeting will also discuss the way forward to define thresholds, baselines and environmental assessment criteria. The discussion will be based on the available UNEP-MAP assessment studies on contaminants and eutrophication. It will dwell on the relevant information provided by the Contracting Parties in advance of the meeting regarding the minimum allowable contaminant concentration in sea food provided for, as appropriate in their national legislation.