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UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.7*
Promoting the Work of the MCSD: Relevant Initiatives
English only

UNEP/MED WG.469/02
Provisional Annotated Agenda
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.1
Provisional List of Documents / Liste provisoire des documents

UNEP/MED WG.469/04
Mediterranean Sustainability Dashboard: Timeline, Updated List of Indicators, Proposals and Recommendations
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/05
Draft Executive Summary of the 2019 State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean Report (SoED 2019)
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/01
Provisional Agenda
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/03
Progress Report on the Work Done after the 17thMeeting of the MCSD
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/06
Revised Draft Roadmap for the MED2050 Foresight Study
French, English

UNEP/MED WG.469/07
MSSD Flagship Initiatives – Draft Concept Notes
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/08
Draft Roadmap of the MSSD Mid-Term Evaluation (2020-2021)
English, French