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UNEP/MED WG.469/09
MCSD Membership from 2020 (Proposal)
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.6
Risks Associated to Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Region A Preliminary Assessment of the MedECC Network and Science-Policy Interface
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.5
Draft Case Studies and Recommendations for a Sustainable and Inclusive Blue Economy in the Mediterranean
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.4
Simplified Peer Review Mechanism (SIMPEER) of National Strategies for Sustainable Development - Revised Methodological Report
English, French

UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.3*
Mediterranean Sustainability Dashboard: Analytical Factsheets
English only

UNEP/MED WG.469/Inf.2
Provisional List of Participants / Liste Provisoire des Participants

UNEP/MED WG.469/11
Report of the 18th Meeting of the MCSD

UNEP/MED WG.469/10
Integrating Sustainability Considerations into the MAP –Barcelona Convention System
English, French

Quality Status Report (QSR) Draft Assessment Factsheets on Coast and Hydrography
English, French

Report of the Meeting on “Joint Workshop on Science Policy Interface (SPI) strengthening and Ecosystem Approach Coordination Group Meeting on IMAP scales of monitoring and assessment, including the next QSR, Nice, France, 27-28 April 2017”