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Coast and Hydrography: Metadata and Data Dictionaries for Selected IMAP Common Indicators
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Report of the Meeting on IMAP Implementation: Best Practices, Gaps and Common Challenges
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UNEP/MED WG.450/Inf.3
A Funding Strategy for the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach in the Mediterranean, with a special emphasis on the implementation needs of the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme in the Southern Mediterranean
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UNEP/MED WG.450/Inf.4
Guidelines for the preparation of country specific ecosystem approach monitoring programme for biodiversity and NIS
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UNEP/MED WG.450/Inf.5
Summary of Outcomes of Science-Policy Interface Workshops of 2015-2017
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UNEP/MED WG.450/Inf.2
Provisional List of Participants

UNEP/MED WG.450/Inf.1/Rev.1
Provisional List of Documents
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Provisional Annotated Agenda
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UNEP/MED WG.450/1/Rev.1
Provisional Agenda
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UNEP/MED WG.450/Inf.7
Meta Data Templates for Pollution and Marine Litter IMAP Indicators approved by the MEDPOL Focal Point Meeting, Rome, Italy, May 2017
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