Progress in updating national action plans for the implementation of the land-based source of pollution protocol to achieve good environmental status


The focal points of UNEP/MAP MED POL Programme for the Assessment and Control of Pollution in the Mediterranean Region acknowledged the progress made in the implementation of the Strategic Action Plans/National Action Plans (SAP/NAPs) on pollution reduction and control, with regards to the national legal, and regulatory policy framework, reporting capacities as well as their NAP investment portfolio.

During their meeting held in Athens (Greece) from 26 to 28 March 2014, they endorsed the draft guidelines to update National Action Plans, for the Implementation of the LBS Protocol and its Regional Plans in the Framework of the SAP-MED. This comes in line with Achieving Good Environmental Status for Pollution-Related ECAP Ecological Objectives, with a view to support countries to start the update process as soon as possible.

The proposed guidelines for Updating National Action Plans address in an integrated manner various aspects of the NAP preparation process. These include institutional, legal, technical, follow-up and reporting, investment needs, capacity building and public participation. It also presents specific in-depth analyses aiming to provide technical guidance to the Countries for identification of potential measures and formulation of a programme of measures.

The guidelines also acknowledge the efforts started by some contracting parties to develop a programme of measures addressing the whole spectrum of ECAP ecological objectives.