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[MTS 091] 1994 French
[MTS 085] Assessment of Airborne Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by Sulphur and Nitrogen Compounds and Heavy Metals in 1991 1994 English
[MTS 081] Data quality review for MED POL: nineteen years of progress 1994 English
[MTS 080] Final reports on research projects dealing with the effects of pollutants on marine organisms and communities 1994 English
[MTS 084] Integrated Management Study for the Area of Izmir 1994 English
[MTS 075] Development and Testing of Sampling and Analytical Techniques for Monitoring of Marine Pollutants (Activity A) 1993 English
[MTS 071] Selected techniques for monitoring biological effects of pollutants in marine organisms 1993 English
[MTS 077] Designing of monitoring programmes and management of data concerning chemical contaminants in marine organisms 1993 English
[MTS 076] Biogeochemical Cycles of Specific Pollutants (Activity K): Survival of Pathogens 1993 English
[MTS 074] Report of the Training Workshop on Aspects of Marine Documentation in the Mediterranean, 23 - 26 November 1992: held at the Foundation for International Studies, Valetta, Malta 1993 English
[MedWaves No. 27] the Malta informal meeting: Dossier: the Rhodes CAMP 1993 English, French, Arabic
[MTS 072] Costs and Benefits of Measures for the Reduction of Degradation of the Environment from Land-based Sources of Pollution in Coastal Areas. A - Case Study of the Bay of Izmir. B - Case Study of the Island of Rhodes 1993 English
[MedWaves No. 28] MAP UNEP Practical Guide: Publications 1993 English, French
[MTS 073] Final Reports on Research Projects Dealing with the Effects of Pollutants on Marine Communities and Organisms 1993 English
[MedWaves No. 26] the Mediterranean after Rio 1992 English, French, Arabic
[MTS 062] Assessment of the State of Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by Radioactive Substances 1992 mts62.pdf, English, French
[MTS 065] Directory of Mediterranean Marine Environmental Centres 1992 English
[MedWaves No. 25] Forest fires in the Mediterranean 1992 English, French, Arabic
[MTS 063] Biogeochemical Cycles of Specific Pollutants (Activity K): Survival of Pathogens 1992 French
[MTS 066] Regional Changes in Climate in the Mediterranean Basin Due to Global Greenhouse Gas Warming 1992 English