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[MTS 049] Biogeochemical cycles of specific pollutants. Survival of pathogens. Final reports on research projects (Activity K) 1991 English
[MTS 056] Assessment of the state of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by persistent synthetic materials which may float, sink or remain in suspension 1991 English
[MTS 051] Final reports on research projects dealing with mercury, toxicity and analytical techniques 1991 English
[MTS 050] Bibliography on marine litter 1991 English
[MTS 040] Final reports on research projects (Activities H, I and J) 1990 English
[MTS 041] Wastewater reuse for irrigation in the Mediterranean region 1990 English
1990 French
[MedWaves No. 20] The Quality Assurance Programme 1990 English, French, Arabic
[MTS 042] Report on the status of Mediterranean marine turtles 1990 mts42.pdf, English, French
[MTS 044] Bibliography on aquatic pollution by organophosphorus compounds 1990 English
[MTS 038] Common measures adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution 1990 English, Arabic
[MedWaves No. 21] Dossier: The water crisis in the Mediterranean 1990 English, French, Arabic
[MTS 043] Posidonie: Livre rouge "GΓ©rard Vuignier" des vΓ©gΓ©taux, peuplements et paysages marins menacΓ©s de MΓ©diterranΓ©e 1990 French
[MTS 039] Assessment of the state of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by organohalogen compounds 1990 English
[MTS 037] Final reports on research projects dealing with eutrophication and plankton blooms (Activity H) 1990 English
[MedWaves No. 19] MedWaves in Arabic: the child and the Mediterranean: the problem of marine and coastal garbage 1990 English, French, Arabic
[MTS 045] Transport of pollutants by sedimentation: Collected papers from the first Mediterranean Workshop (Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, 10-12 December 1987) 1990 English
[MTS 030] Meteorological and climatological data from surface and upper measurements for the assessment of atmospheric transport and deposition of pollutants in the Mediterranean Basin: a review: Part A, Part B: Seasonal distribution of the planetary boundary layer depths over the Mediterranean Basin 1989 English
[MedWaves No. 18] The Sixth Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties: concrete results 1989 English, French
[MTS 026] Directory of marine and coastal protected areas in the Mediterranean Region: Part I - Sites of biological and ecological value 1989 English