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[MTS 020] Epidemiological studies related to environmental quality criteria for bathing waters, shellfish-growing waters and edible marine organisms (Activity D). Final report on project on relationship between microbial quality of coastal seawater and health effects (1983 - 86) 1988 English
[MTS 016] Promotion of soil protection as an essential component of environmental protection in Mediterranean coastal zones: documents produced in 1985 -1987 1987 English
[MedWaves No. 10] Special Report: Fifth Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties 1987 English, French
[MTS 012] Water resources development of small Mediterranean islands and isolated coastal areas. Documents produced in the first stage of the Priority Action (1984 - 1985) 1987 English
[MTS 010] Research on the toxicity, persistence, bioaccumulation, carcinogenicity and mutagenicity of selected substances (Activity G). Final reports on projects dealing with toxicity (1983 - 85) 1987 English
[MTS 015] Environmental aspects of aquaculture development in the Mediterranean region: documents produced in the period 1985 - 1987 1987 English
[MedWaves No. 08] Special Report: Specially Protected Areas: endangered species 1987 English, French
[MedWaves No. 11] MAP: signs of international recognition 1987 English, French
[MTS 018] Assessment of the state of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by mercury and mercury compounds 1987 mts18.pdf, English, French
[MTS 017] Seismic risk reduction in the Mediterranean region. Selected studies and documents (1985 - 1987) 1987 English
[MTS 014] Experience of Mediterranean historic towns in the integrated process of rehabilitation of urban and architectural heritage: documents produced in the second phase of the Priority Action (1986) 1987 English
[MTS 013] Specific topics related to water resources development of large Mediterranean islands. Documents produced in the second phase of the Priority Action (1985 -1986) 1987 English
[MedWaves No. 09] Fighting the nefos 1987 English, French
[MedWaves No. 05] 1986 English, French
[MedWaves No. 06] Integrated planning and management of Mediterranean Coastal Zones 1986 English, French
[MTS 006] Problems of coastal transport of pollutants (MED POL VI) 1986 English
[MTS 004] Research on the effects of pollutants on marine organisms and their populations (MED POL IV): final reports of principal investigators 1986 English
[MTS 008 Add] Biogeochemical studies of selected pollutants in the open waters of the Mediterranean MED POL VIII, Addendum, Greek Oceanographic Cruise 1980 1986 English
[MedWaves No. 04] Mercury: a complex problem 1986 English, French
[MTS 003] Baseline studies and monitoring of DDT, PCBs and other chlorinated hydrocarbons in marine organisms (MED POL III): final reports of principal investigators 1986 English