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[MTS 134] MAP CAMP Project "Israel": Final Integrated Report and Selected Documents 2001 English
[MedWaves No. 42-43] The Bureau Meeting in Damascus: Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Syria 2001 English, French
[MTS 130] Atmospheric Input of Persistent Organic Pollutants to the Mediterranean Sea 2001 English
[MTS 131 Vol. 2] MAP CAMP Project "Fuka-Matrouh", Egypt: final integrated report and selected documents: Volume II 2001 English
Sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region: Synthesis of the strategic review 2001 English, French
[MTS 132] Remedial Actions for Pollution Mitigation and Rehabilitation in Cases of Non-compliance with Established Criteria 2001 English
Protecting the Mediterranean from land-based pollution 2001
[MTS 133] Atmospheric Transport and Deposition of Pollutants into the Mediterranean Sea: Final Reports on Research Projects 2001 English
[MTS 131 Vol. 1] MAP CAMP Project "Fuka-Matrouh", Egypt: final integrated report and selected documents: Volume I 2001 English
MED POL Programme for the assessment and control of marine pollution in the Mediterranean (Leaflet) 2001 French
Strategic review for sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region 2001 English
[MedWaves No. 44] 2001 English, French, Arabic
Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD) (Brochure) 2001 English, French
[MTS 128] Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in Mediterranean Coastal Cities 2000 mts128.pdf, English, French
[MedWaves No. 40-41] Dossier: Malta Special 2000 English, French, Arabic
The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) (Brochure) 2000 English, French
The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) - Committed to securing a healthier Mediterranean Environment (leaflet) 2000 English, French
State and pressures of the marine and coastal Mediterranean environment - Summary 2000
[MTS 129] Guidelines for the Management of Dredged Material 2000 English/French/Arabic/Spanish, English, French, Spanish, Arabic
[MTS 127] Minutes of the Seminar, Territorial Prospective in the Mediterranean and the Approach by Actors, Sophia Antipolis, France, 7-9 November 1996 2000 French