Mariama Mamane

Burkina Faso

Regional Finalist, Africa
Mariama Mamane's Bio
  • 27 years
  • Burkina Faso
Innovative eco-management of water hyacinth
Summary of Big Idea: 

Mariama wants to address the energy deficit in Africa and the devastating degradation of cropland caused by chemical fertilizers. Her project, “JACIGREEN", offers an innovative eco-solution to the problem of water hyacinth, which, without controlled management, can be devastating for the environment. This invasive alien species grows very rapidly in the waterways of the Niger River. Although not inherently harmful, initially purifying the waterway in which it grows, water hyacinth becomes a problem once it reaches a certain maturity by suffocating aquatic life. JACIGREEN will introduce a plant-based purification mechanism to help manage fresh water sustainably and improve access to drinking water. It will simultaneously implement a system to produce organic fertilizer (via anaerobic composting) and electricity (from biogas recovered from the water hyacinth transformation process).



I joined the Scouts at a very young age, which helped me to develop a lot of skills, particularly my leadership and creativity, and to become an advocate for sustainable development. It also influenced my choice of studies. Following my graduation in biodiversity and environmental management from Abdou Moumouni University in 2013, I joined the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE) to start an engineering degree in water and the environment. The year 2016 was a defining moment for me, as I won the annual ‘Parcours Entrepreneur’ competition organized by 2iE for students proposing innovative eco-solutions.