Liliana Jaramillo Pazmiño


Regional Finalist, Latin America and the Caribbean
Liliana Jaramillo Pazmiño's Bio
  • 28 years
  • Ecuador
Native plants for green roofs in Quito
Summary of Big Idea: 

Green roofs are eco-friendly infrastructures that are being rolled out in the city of Quito, Ecuador. However, there is a real need to experiment with native plants that can withstand the city’s extreme conditions while also conserving plant diversity. Selecting native plants suitable for green roofs is the key to making these infrastructures a success and ensuring that they are welcomed by citizens, authorities and industry alike. The use of native plants will make the city greener and restore the bird and insect biodiversity that has been displaced by urbanization. The project is focused on propagating and experimenting with different native plant species on green roofs to see how they fare. The process will be based on a previous study, which used climate resilience models to identify the suitability of native species. 


I am a biologist with a Master’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Melbourne (Australia), where I studied thanks to a grant from the Ecuadorian Government. I conducted extensive research during my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. I am deeply passionate about urban ecology and developing green infrastructure. The idea of making cities greener inspires me, since it is a practical solution that creates habitable and sustainable spaces on our planet. During my Master’s degree, I carried out a research project to identify native species suitable for green roofs, and this methodology can be replicated in any city. I am currently researching how to integrate conservation and the development of green infrastructure into cities.