Kaya Dorey


Regional Finalist, North America
Kaya Dorey's Bio
  • 29 years
  • Canada
Closed-Loop Apparel Manufacturing Hub
Summary of Big Idea: 

It is Kaya’s goal to create a fully closed-loop clothing line with no waste and bring automated manufacturing to Canada. Not only will she manufacture for other local brands but she will also integrate a research and development hub to test leading-edge technology that decomposes fabrics, tests natural dyes, and facilitates a fully closed-loop system with no waste. She will also implement an Extended Producer Responsibility policy by having a Take Back Program for the clothing she produces. Kaya will work in partnership with local universities who are studying automated manufacturing and sustainable apparel design and give students the opportunity to gain experience at the hub. Furthermore, she will invite other brands from all over the world to come and learn about her model so that they can take it back to their home countries and implement the same methods.


My passion for sustainability started when I took several environmental classes during my Tourism Degree at Capilano University. Wanting to learn more, I enrolled in BCIT's Sustainable Business program. There, I completed research on textiles waste, motivating me to want to make a difference in the fashion industry. With no prior fashion production knowledge, I completed Factory45, an online accelerator program that takes sustainable apparel companies from idea to launch. Last year, I successfully launched NOVEL SUPPLY CO, a conscious local apparel company. Apparel is inspired by the West Coast lifestyle and is made locally in Vancouver, BC.