Young Champion of the Earth for West Asia

The State of Kuwait

Regional Finalist, West Asia
Young Champion of the Earth for West Asia 's Bio
  • 30 years
  • The State of Kuwait
Women in Energy & Environment
Summary of Big Idea: 

Women in Energy & Environment is a forward-looking organization focusing on women in energy and environment in the Middle East & North Africa. WEE is a member-driven organization in which diversity, innovation and creativity are valued and our members are our key resources. WEE is dedicated to supporting women in their current roles and building a supportive community for them. Through WEE, I will seek to advance the role of women in the MENA region in leading the green industry while demonstrating the positive environmental, social and economic impacts of women. We will work to enhance the skills of our women members with a view to promoting gender balance across all levels of the industry. By providing women with consistently high quality services, creative solutions, technical skills and future opportunities, WEE will empower women to become leaders in their organizations.

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