Miao Wang’s campaign to give the ocean a voice

The Zhuang Mei Ji Jing—a series of awareness-raising events and ocean exhibitions organized by Young Champion of the Earth winner for Asia and the Pacific Miao Wang—has begun in China and will continue until mid-May.

The Zhuang Mei Ji Jing Exhibition is the world premiere show for Elysium Epic Trilogy, an expedition to the Antarctic, Arctic and the Coral Triangle in 2010, 2015 and 2018 respectively. 

All Elysium Epic expeditions have been carbon neutral, offset by contributions to Green Char of Kenya. The project is the brainchild of internationally renowned underwater photographer and conservationist, Michael Aw.

The series of exhibitions and “Ocean Talks” will be led by a number of deep sea conservation and exploration legends, such as Champion of the Earth winner Sylvia Earle.

Champion of the Earth winner Sylvia Earle joined Young Champion of the Earth for Asia and the Pacific, Better Blue Founder Miao Wang, on stage during Ocean Talks series. Photo by Better Blue

“Elysium Epic expeditions go beyond traditional ocean explorations by enlisting scientists, musicians and other artists to use their combined powers of precision, discipline, vision and sensitivity to bring ocean issues to the attention of people globally, to inspire them to cherish Earth’s natural wonders,” said Sylvia Earle.

Appearing together on stage with Earle during one of the Ocean Talks, Wang said: “It has been such a privilege to meet and speak with such incredibly passionate and inspirational people. Our aim is to bring the beauty of our planet's wilderness and the impacts of climate change to the public of China. We hope this will inspire a mission of love and greater care for our natural world.”

Presentations are also led by David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes and Michael Aw, the programme director of Elysium Epic Trilogy. Among the presentations are the finest curated pictures from the three Elysium Epic expeditions.

The campaign aims to explain to bring public attention to the intimate connection between global warming and ocean change, highlighting the essential role of the ocean in regulating global climate and regional temperatures.

Better Blue’s Zhuang Mei Ji Jing Exhibition is the world premiere show for Elysium Epic Trilogy. Photo by Better Blue

“Our oceans are a vital part of the complex geophysical and biochemical systems that support life on earth,” said Wang. 

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together we are part of the whole and collectively, we can make better choices and work towards a bluer, more sustainable future,” she added.   


The Young Champions of the Earth prize, powered by Covestro, recognizes and celebrates young entrepreneurs making a difference for the environment. The winners for 2019 will be announced in September. Applications open again in January 2020. Stay tuned!