Session: Gender, Oceans, and Plastic

Date and Time: Tuesday, 12 March, 15:00 – 16:00

Gender Mainstreaming related to Marine Ecosystems and Marine Litter

This one-hour gender session aims to introduce the publication titled Gender Mainstreaming in the Management of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems, which features four case studies on the subject. A play on one of the case studies showcasing successful experiences on marine litter management in Coastal Yucatán, Mexico will be presented. Keondra Bills Freemyn from Ocean Conservancy will present on the role of women along the waste value chain from consumption to recycling/disposal. Janet Macharia, senior gender advisor from the Policy division of UN Environment will participate in panel discussions.

Participants will be invited to share their experiences/ good practices on gender mainstreaming in marine ecosystems management, as well as in plastics litter and waste management, and thoughts on the possibility of replicating the experiences and lessons learnt from the case studies. Good practices and experiences shared will also be considered for compilation in future case studies on gender mainstreaming.

Invited Speakers:

  • Keondra Bills Freemyn, Manager, International Government Relations, Ocean Conservancy
  • Janet Macharia, Head, Gender and Safeguards Unit, Policy and Programme Division, UN Environment

Organizers and Partners: Ecosystems Division, UN Environment

Contact: Shuang Zhu <>

UN Environment Technical Expert: Shuang Zhu <>