About the Expo

The Sustainable Innovation Expo works to find solutions for today’s problems by embracing a forward-thinking culture that fosters ingenuity.

The Sustainable Innovation Expo is UN Environment’s premier solutions-oriented platform that supports the Environment Assembly’s mission as the foremost authority on the environment within the United Nations.

“The time to change is now!”

Innovative sustainable business represents a trillion-dollar opportunity to be seized by organizations and companies that can bring value to people and the environment.

Since our consumption and production patterns must change so radically to avert dangerous climate change and nature loss, organizations, companies and citizens alike can seize the opportunities to drive the change.

Embracing big data and artificial intelligence for the environment; harnessing the power of business and citizens as active co-creators and problem solvers; unleashing the creativity and entrepreneurship of women in the green sectors; and promoting sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of a product through eco-innovative approaches are all examples of innovative solutions and themes that will be addressed during the 2019 Expo.

About the event

The Sustainable Innovation Expo, now in its third edition, is UN Environment’s premier solutions-oriented platform that supports the Environment Assembly’s mission as the highest-level decision-making body on the environment in the United Nations, and which provides leadership on global environmental policies and sets the international environmental agenda.

The 2019 Expo will focus on pressing environmental issues and will be aimed at tackling some of our planet’s greatest environmental challenges. Championed by UN Environment, eco-innovation is a business approach which promotes sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of a product, while also boosting the performance and competitiveness of businesses.