Chapter 3: Outlook for a sustainable future

Gender-and-environment approaches are necessary for sustainable, equitable and just management of the planet’s natural resources and ecosystems

  • “Business-as-usual” approaches are not working, and are proving disastrous for people and the planet alike. Gender-and-environment approaches are integral to a sustainable and just future
  • Until recently, gender and the environment were treated in separate silos
  • While the gender-and-environment nexus is increasingly acknowledged in international agreements and national policy documents, implementation and follow-through are weak or absent
  • Gender equality cannot be measured by women’s and men’s “presence” alone. “Presence” does not necessarily mean “participation” and neither inherently implies “influence”: the nature of their participation is what makes people’s “presence” meaningful
  • A transformative agenda recognizes gender equality as a driver of social change, leading to more people-smart environmental policies
  • The “future we want” can be glimpsed based on the progress already made