In Governing Council, Decision 25/5 Mandates

The 25th UNEP Governing Council took place in Nairobi, Kenya, 16-20 February 2009.

34. Further requests the Executive Director, coordinating as appropriate with Governments, intergovernmental organizations, stakeholders and the Global Mercury Partnership, subject to the availability of resources and concurrently with the work of the intergovernmental negotiating committee, to continue and enhance, as part of the international action on mercury, the existing work, in the following areas:

(a) Enhancing capacity for mercury storage;

(b) Reducing the supply of mercury from, for example, primary mercury mining;

(c) Conducting awareness-raising and pilot projects in key countries to reduce mercury use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining;

(d) Reducing mercury use in products and processes and raising awareness of mercury-free alternatives;

(e) Providing information on best available techniques and best environmental practices and on the conversion of mercury-based processes to non-mercury based processes;

(f) Enhancing development of national inventories on mercury;

(g) Raising public awareness and supporting risk communication;

(h) Providing information on the sound management of mercury;

35. Urges Governments, intergovernmental organizations, industry, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions to continue and enhance their support for the activities set out in paragraph 34 of the present decision and for the Global Mercury Partnership through the provision of technical and financial resources, such as by supporting the implementation of country-based projects that tackle mercury risk reduction and risk management;

36. Requests the Executive Director, in consultation with Governments, to update the 2008 report entitled "Global Atmospheric Mercury Assessment: Sources, Emissions and Transport", for consideration by the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum at its twenty-seventh session;