The Mercury air transport and fate research Area of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership held its annual meeting on Thursday 10 December 2020.

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome/Opening Remarks (Stephanie Laruelle, Secretariat of the Global Mercury Partnership, UNEP)
  • Introductions (Nicola Pirrone, CNR–Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, Italy)
  • Nomination and discussion of new co-lead, Celia Chen (David Evers, Biodiversity Research Institute, U.S.)
  • Mercury Monitoring Guidance Document update (Eisaku Toda, Senior Programme Oficer, Secretariat of the Minamata Convention on Mercury)
  • PAG-11 Update (Stephanie Laruelle)
  • F&T Projects:
    • GOS4M (Nicola Pirrone)
    • Global Passive Air Mercury Project (Sandy Steffen, Environment and Climate Change, Canada)
    • GEF-STAP (David Evers)
    • Communications (Celia Chen, Dartmouth College, U.S.)
  • Identify cross-cutting collaborations with other Global Mercury Partnership Areas to note for the future (David Evers)
  • Q & A (David Evers)
  • Wrap up (Nicola Pirrone)