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  • Mercury is present in the raw materials (e.g., limestone) and/or in the fuel (e.g.,coal) released in the combustion process.The major pathway for mercury releases from the cement industry is via emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Cement industry contributes an estimated 10% or about 190 metric tons of the estimated total of 1921 metric tons per year of global anthropogenic mercury emissions.
  • Emerging markets of the world will lead to an unprecedented rate of construction of new cement plants resulting in further emissions of mercury

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Partnership priority actions

  • Establish sectoral mercury inventories and baseline scenarios for the industry.
  • Encourage use of most appropriate technique to reduce or minimize mercury releases into the environment.
  • Increase the awareness of the cement industry to mercury as a pollutant through increased outreach efforts.

Partnership area leads

Lead: Ms. Claude Lorea
Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA)