Development of Technical Guidelines for the Environmentally Sound Management of Mercury Wastes under the Basel Convention (2019)
At its fourteenth meeting by decision BC-14/8, the COP decided to update the technical guidelines on mercury wastes. Read more


Pratical Sourcebook on Mercury Waste Storage and Disposal (2015)
The Sourcebook is a practical introduction to mercury waste storage and disposal. It is not a detailed technical guidance. The aim of the project is to enhance the capacity of governments and other relevant stakeholders to store and dispose mercury wastes in an environmentally sound manner. Read more


Waste Management Project (2008-2010)
This project dealt with the management of mercury and mercury-containing waste within five participating countries Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chile, Pakistan, and Philippines, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the impact of harmful substances and hazardous waste. Read more


Technical and Economic Assessment of Mercury-containing Tailings (2010)
The Mercury Waste Management project is amended by a technical, chemical and economic assessment of mercury-containing and mercury-contaminated tailings from the mining sector in developing countries. A feasibility study was undertaken in some developing countries that produced/produce precious metals or mercury and are left with mercury-containing tailings. Read more


Waste-Storage Pilot Projects (2011)
Development of an awareness raising toolkit for managing mercury waste at household and community level
Summary report - Awareness raising brochure
Video Training Project on Cleanup and Temporary Storage of Mercury Waste in Health Care Facilities - English   Spanish