Global Mercury Partnership stands ready to support implementation of the Minamata Convention: more than 50 participants representing governments, civil societies, industries, and academia gathered at the Dead Sea in Jordan to take stock of the Global Mercury Partnership and identify opportunities for supporting the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. "The Partnership brings together  a diverse range of actors and technical expertise to support the implementation of the Minamata Convention" said Achim Halpaap, Head of UNEP Chemicals and Waste Branch, in his opening remarks. "Through information sharing,  joint projects and knowledge management on a range of topics, we are witnessing innovative, coordinated and synergetic action with concrete results in the field " added Mitch Cuna, co-chair of the Partnership Advisory Group (PAG).

PAG7 Meeting Report

The Global Mercury Partnership is an initiative of over 150 governments and stakeholders who cooperate to protect human health and the global environment from the release of mercury. It provides a platform for governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-government organizations and other stakeholders to synergize and collaborate in the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. The 7th PAG meeting was convened back to back with the 7th Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) for the Minamata Convention.

The Partnership developed a draft guidance document on the development of national action plans on artisanal and small-scale gold mining for consideration by the INC. PAG reaffirmed the commitment of the partners to contribute to the Convention in similar ways in other areas such as mercury interim storage and monitoring. The meeting also reviewed the business plans for areas such as coal combustion, mercury-added products, waste management, chlor-alkali plants and cement production. The PAG meeting discussed its future work based on outcomes of the Partnership regional consultations held in the margins of the INC 7 regional consultations, and agreed to strengthen synergies, collaboration, communication and outreach. 

On 10 March, the first day of INC, Mr. Cuna made a statement on the Partnership in the plenary. 

UNEP welcomes new partners.

Meeting Documents

PAG.7.1 - Provisional Agenda

PAG.7.2 - Annotated Agenda

PAG.7.3 - Report on Activities

PAG.7.4Feedback on the Regional Consultations of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership

PAG.7.5 - Updated Business Plans and Partnership Area Summaries

PAG.7.6Enhancing Communication and Outreach in the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership

Information Documents

PAG.7/INF - Report on partnership area leads meeting, Jeju, Korea, 16 June 2015