National Action Plan for the reduction of pollution evaluation under way

The steering committee of the “Update Priority Investment Projects for Protecting the Mediterranean Sea from Pollution” held its third meeting, on 17 April in Athens, with a particular focus on the investment portfolio of the National Action Plans (NAPs).

The meeting reviewed the progress achieved so far by the LDK consultants team, in the study that they are carrying out on the investment portfolio. The main objective of the study is to elaborate on and identify the said de-pollution investment portfolio starting from existing plans but also including new projects or needs that have recently risen.

Hosted by UNEP/MAP in Athens, the meeting was attended by the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM), UNEP/MAP, and its pollution programme Med Pol, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme (MeHSIP), Horizon 2020, and the European Environment Agency (SEIS).

One of the project’s priorities is to ensure complementarities and synergy with regional and national initiatives, programmes and projects and capitalize on their outputs.

The project’s first phase has mainly focused on collecting and analysing information on environmental investments affecting the Mediterranean basin.

Participants to the meeting approved the evaluation methodology proposed for the 2nd phase of the project. The proposed methodology aims at setting a conclusive and updated list of on-going de-pollution investment projects for each country, and their contribution to de-pollution, among other data. It also aims at identifying investment needs and new projects in order to meet the 2025 SAP-MED UNEP/MAP de-pollution objectives for the Mediterranean basin, and comply by the legally binding measures adopted within the framework of the Land-Based Sources (LBS) protocol of the Barcelona Convention.

The outcome of the evaluation of the NAP Investment Component - that is being carried out by UNEP/MAP-Med Pol and also implemented in the framework of the MedPartnership - would contribute to an overall evaluation of NAP implementation including its policy and regulatory aspects and effectiveness in accordance with Article 13 of the LBS Protocol.

National consultation meetings are planned in the Southern Mediterranean countries.