A new Road Map under way for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Region

The 15th meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD) was held from 10 to 12 June 2013, hosted by the Maltese Government

In his welcoming address, H.E. Leo Brincat, Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change of Malta said that the MCSD could evolve in a platform that would promote both green and blue growth in the Mediterranean region. “Things can only evolve when each one of our member countries shoulders responsibility at national, regional and global level” he added.

The MCSD agreed on the need to revise the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), taking into consideration Rio+20 outcomes, and building on past experiences and practices. The Commission highlighted the need for the new MSSD to be more action oriented and include a better monitoring and review system.

MCSD members and observers also acknowledged pioneer work undertaken in the Mediterranean region regarding Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). They recognized the need to develop a Road Map to address the region’s common priorities in this respect which would include pollution reduction and put the region in a leading position to implement Rio+20 Sustainable Consumption and Production Plans.

The possible implications of the upgrading of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) to the MCSD was also discussed. Participants to the meeting agreed that the MCSD should be strengthened with the objective of integrating the environmental pillar in other public policies. The new MSSD should focus on: revising, monitoring, and evaluating implementation of the MSSD; forging partnerships and coordination; encouraging the exchange of good practices including through a peer-review mechanism, as well as preparing input for sessions on Sustainable Development during meetings of Contracting Parties.

The meeting was attended by high ranking Maltese officials, UNEP/MAP Executive Secretary and Coordinator, representatives of Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, experts, as well as a number of UNEP/MAP partners.