Progress in achieving a Mediterranean Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme by 2015


Monitoring experts designated by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, as well as interested stakeholders, participated in the first Meeting of the Mediterranean Correspondence Group on Monitoring (CORMON) under the Ecosystem Approach (EcAp). The meeting was held in Athens, Greece, on 8 and 9 May 2014, and organized by UNEP/MAP, the Barcelona Convention Secretariat.

It aimed to further specify the monitoring needs of the pollution and litter related Ecological Objectives, and indicators set out by the EcAp roadmap.

The CORMON meeting reviewed major elements of the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme. It also provided recommendations for further development of the draft Monitoring Guidance Document with regards to contaminants, eutrophication, and marine litter.

In light of the recommendations of this CORMON Meeting, the draft Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme under EcAp will include quality assurance indicators, new and cost-effective methodologies and will further address Mediterranean specificities in terms of biodiversity and of specific pressures such as offshore activities.

Moreover, the draft Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme will take into account existing monitoring provisions and reporting obligations under the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols.

The meeting also decided to set up objective-specific informal working groups on contaminants, eutrophication and marine litter, that will be composed of experts nominated by the Contracting Parties, with the mandate of further monitoring the specifications of common indicators.


Report of the Meeting (under preparation)

Decision IG.21/3: Ecosystem Approach including adopting definitions of Good Environmental Status and Targets

Decision IG 17/6: Implementation of the ecosystem approach to the management of human activities that may affect the Mediterranean marine and coastal environment