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[MedWaves No. 18] The Sixth Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties: concrete results 1989 English, French
[MTS 033] Assessment of organotin compounds as marine pollutants in the Mediterranean 1989 English
[MedWaves No. 17] The Basel Convention and the Mediterranean: Pesticides and PCBs 1989 English, French
[MTS 030] Meteorological and climatological data from surface and upper measurements for the assessment of atmospheric transport and deposition of pollutants in the Mediterranean Basin: a review: Part A, Part B: Seasonal distribution of the planetary boundary layer depths over the Mediterranean Basin 1989 English
[MTS 026] Directory of marine and coastal protected areas in the Mediterranean Region: Part I - Sites of biological and ecological value 1989 English
[MTS 034] Assessment of the state of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by cadmium and cadmium compounds 1989 mts34.pdf, English, French
[MTS 029] Bibliography on effects of climatic change and related topics 1989 English
[MTS 032] Biogeochemical cycles of specific pollutants (Activity K) 1989 English
[MTS 035] Bibliography on marine pollution by organotin compounds 1989 English
[MTS 028] State of the marine environment in the Mediterranean Region 1989 English
[MedWaves No. 14] Climatic Changes and Sea Level Rise 1988 English, French
[MedWaves No. 15-16] The "Red Tides" in the Mediterranean 1988 English, French
Genoa Declaration on the Second Mediterranean Decade 1988 multilingual
[MTS 024] Toxicity, persistence and bioaccumulation of selected substances to marine organisms (Activity G) 1988 English
[MTS 020] Epidemiological studies related to environmental quality criteria for bathing waters, shellfish-growing waters and edible marine organisms (Activity D). Final report on project on relationship between microbial quality of coastal seawater and health effects (1983 - 86) 1988 English
[MTS 022] Study of ecosystem modifications in areas influenced by pollutants (Activity I) 1988 English
[MTS 023] National monitoring programme of Yugoslavia: report for 1983 - 1986 1988 English
[MTS 019] Assessment of the state of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by petroleum hydrocarbons 1988 mts19.pdf, English, French
[MTS 021] Eutrophication in the Mediterranean Sea: receiving capacity and monitoring of long-term effects 1988 English
[MedWaves No. 12] Action Plan for the protection of the Monk Seal in the Mediterranean 1988 English, French