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[MTS 137 Vol. 1] Free trade and the environment in the Euro-Mediterranean context, Montpellier/Mèze, France, 5 Æ 8 October 2000: Volume I: Technical Report of the Workshop 2002 English
[MedWaves No. 42-43] The Bureau Meeting in Damascus: Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Syria 2001 English, French
Protecting the Mediterranean from land-based pollution 2001
[MTS 132] Remedial Actions for Pollution Mitigation and Rehabilitation in Cases of Non-compliance with Established Criteria 2001 English
[MTS 131 Vol. 1] MAP CAMP Project "Fuka-Matrouh", Egypt: final integrated report and selected documents: Volume I 2001 English
Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD) (Brochure) 2001 English, French
[MTS 134] MAP CAMP Project "Israel": Final Integrated Report and Selected Documents 2001 English
[MTS 130] Atmospheric Input of Persistent Organic Pollutants to the Mediterranean Sea 2001 English
Sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region: Synthesis of the strategic review 2001 English, French
[MTS 131 Vol. 2] MAP CAMP Project "Fuka-Matrouh", Egypt: final integrated report and selected documents: Volume II 2001 English
[MedWaves No. 44] 2001 English, French, Arabic
Strategic review for sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region 2001 English
MED POL Programme for the assessment and control of marine pollution in the Mediterranean (Leaflet) 2001 French
[MTS 133] Atmospheric Transport and Deposition of Pollutants into the Mediterranean Sea: Final Reports on Research Projects 2001 English
The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) (Brochure) 2000 English, French
[MTS 129] Guidelines for the Management of Dredged Material 2000 English/French/Arabic/Spanish, English, French, Spanish, Arabic
State and pressures of the marine and coastal Mediterranean environment 2000
The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) - Committed to securing a healthier Mediterranean Environment (leaflet) 2000 English, French
[MTS 128] Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in Mediterranean Coastal Cities 2000 mts128.pdf, English, French
[MedWaves No. 40-41] Dossier: Malta Special 2000 English, French, Arabic