MAP IT tools

BC Reporting System

The INFO-MAP portal hosts the Barcelona Convention Reporting System that is the infrastructure to support reporting activities under article 26 of the amended Barcelona Convention and several articles of different Protocols of Mediterranean Action Plan.



The  ELV-EQS  web-based  tool  aims to  establish  a  relationship  between environmental quality standards (EQSs)  in receiving water bodies  and emission limit values (ELVs)  for  a  single  pollutant  discharge. Based  on  the  user-defined  characteristics  of  the discharge, the pollutant, and the receiving water body, the tool calculates the dispersion of the pollutant within the water body and compares its ELVs with the EQSs at the edge of the allowable mixing zone.


MED POL Info System

MED POL Info System is an online portal that allows Contracting Parties to submit their quality assured data generated from the implementation of the national marine pollution programmes designed in accordance with LBS Protocol. Its NBB/PRTR component allows the Contracting Parties to submit the data related to national loads of pollutants discharged directly or indirectly into the Mediterranean Sea.



MedICIP is an online multi countries effort to share data and information on Climate Change in the Mediterranean coastal areas. It is a "portal of portals" which gathers data, information and web links towards other institutions (national and regional), in support the implementation of the ICZM protocol.