Supporting Marine Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean


Participants from 16 Mediterranean countries attended the training workshop “MSP as a tool for the implementation of ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean”, which was held in Zagreb (Croatia), on 9-10 April 2019, with the view to supporting the establishment of a common basis and understanding of the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) implementation across the Mediterranean region, within the Barcelona Convention system and in line with its provisions and main principles.

The workshop was organized by UN Environment/MAP’s Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC), with support from the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection (IMELS) in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement with UN Environment/MAP.

The workshop provided a forum for representatives from the Contracting Parties to present overviews of the status of MSP implementation in each country. The participants, including MSP practitioners from national, regional and global entities, also had the opportunity to share best practices and lessons learned from MSP application across the Mediterranean region and beyond. Common elements and differences among the Mediterranean countries were identified while gaps and priorities for technical support and capacity building were highlighted.

A meeting among representatives from the Adriatic and Ionian counties, aiming at strengthening cooperation towards coherent MSP implementation at sub-regional level, was also held on 10 April 2019. The meeting discussed the coordinated implementation of MSP, with a view to integrating provisions set out in the ICZM Protocol and the MSP Conceptual Framework adopted by the Contracting Parties at COP 20 (Tirana, Albania, 2017) while ensuring appropriate synergies with the EU MSP Directive and promoting transboundary cooperation to the fullest extent possible.

Date of Article: 
Thursday, April 18, 2019