2018 West Asia Finalists

Essam Al-Sharaby

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Organic Agriculture for Yemen

My big idea is to produce organic agricultural products as part of a broader sustainable development strategy. I will develop and implement a number of practical measures to promote environmentally friendly agricultural production that supports human health and conserves natural resources. Specifically, I will develop clean and safe agricultural inputs such as organic fertilizers and herbicides which can compete with and displace the toxic chemicals which are currently in use across Yemen. Simultaneously, I will engage farmers, land owners and other stakeholders to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. I hope that my project will avert further pollution of the environment whilst generating economic opportunities and bossting human health.

Karim Shrayedeh

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Protection of Water Dams in Jordan

The “Protection of Water Dams in Jordan” project aims to protect the environment by increasing vegetation coverage in the catchment areas of two dams that supply Amman (the capital of Jordan) and Al-Karak with water. Both the Wadi Almujab and Wadi Al-Karak dams are facing increased accumulation of sand and other sediments. This has diminished their storage capacities, threatening vital supplies of water to agriculture. Without the dam water, farmers will be forced to tap precious limited groundwater resources – an unsustainable scenario. This project will seek to raise the dams’ water levels through non-traditional methods. Jordanians and Syrian refugees will be employed for a total of 75,000 working days to increase vegetation coverage in the catchment areas. The project will thus create new job opportunities, enhance social inclusion and foster a sense of shared responsibility for the maintenance of the dams and their catchment areas. Moreover, it will improve the efficiency of the aforementioned dams.

Mohamad Safa

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Waste sorting from the source and clean seas

The waste crisis is a serious threat to environmental, animal and human life around the world. Therefore, I have been working for five years on waste sorting from the source and implemented many campaigns to clean the seas and nature. The process of sorting waste from the source is the responsibility of the individual in the community. It is a sound start to solve the problem of waste accumulation in the environment and depends mainly on the consciousness of the emerging generations, especially schoolchildren. I propose integrated waste management as a means to delivering the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable developments. Waste sorting is essential. Every country must embrace waste as a source of wealth. Remember “a healthy environment means healthy people”.

Kristal Kurde

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A Guide for an Ideal Nature

Humanity is in a critical situation. Our society is failing to recognize the indispensable role of nature in supporting our health and wellbeing. Nature underpins our civilization. Many developing countries are ravaged by war and conflict. They face huge challenges in meeting the immediate needs of soaring populations, including increasing numbers of displaced people. Rising demand is placing severe pressures on natural resources such as freshwater. These problems, exacerbated by climate change, have distracted people and their governments from the essential task of conserving nature. Through “A Guide for an Ideal Nature”, I intend to promote environmental awareness in my community and share tips and instructions for caring for the environment. Additionally, I will collaborate with women to conceptualize and implement a number of projects aimed at implementing the guide.

Heba Al-Farra

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WEE: Women in Energy & Environment in the MENA Region

WEE is a forward-looking organization focusing on women in energy and environment in the Middle East & North Africa. WEE is a member-driven organization in which diversity, innovation and creativity are valued and our members are our key resources. WEE is dedicated to supporting women in their current roles and building a supportive community for them. Through WEE, I will seek to advance the role of women in the MENA region in leading the green industry while demonstrating the positive environmental, social and economic impacts of women. We will work to enhance the skills of our women members with a view to promoting gender balance across all levels of the industry. By providing women with consistently high quality services, creative solutions, technical skills and future opportunities, WEE will empower women to become leaders in their organizations.