Marianna Muntianu


Regional Finalist, Europe
Marianna Muntianu's Bio
  • 29 years
  • Tree-E-O
  • Russia
Making virtual trees real
Summary of Big Idea: 

We have launched the “Plant the Forest” website to reach more people in our reforestation efforts. In future, we are also planning to launch a “Plant the forest” educational gaming project, where your actions in virtual reality lead to tree restoration in real life. You can grow your own virtual forest and, in parallel, new forests planted by our volunteers will emerge. Like in the game, insects, animals and birds will inhabit them. Step-by-step, players will learn about environmental restoration and what they need to do to make animals appear in their forests. Three years ago, we created the ‘’ service so that everyone could plant one’s forest without leaving home. The service sends a certificate and GPS coordinates of the planted trees to the person who has “planted” them. Today, more than 4,000 people and 10 companies have planted over 400,000 trees in 17 regions of Russia Trees are planted to reforest and restore areas that have suffered from wildfires, snow and forest pests.


I have always actively taken part in social and political life - first in my city, and eventually on a nationwide scale. The damage caused by massive wildfires in 2010 in my Kostroma region motivated me to plant 300,000 trees over three years, and I am overseeing the planting of trees in 17 regions of Russia. Forests are the definitive topic of my life, as ever increasing areas are being occupied by urban regions and there is less and less space for untouched nature.