Mark "Alex" Paullin

United States of America

Regional Finalist, North America
Mark "Alex" Paullin's Bio
  • 26 years
  • United States of America
Conservation Music: Uniting Africa Towards Grassroots Sustainability Through Music
Summary of Big Idea: 

Conservation Music is a grassroots movement to foster a global culture of sustainability through educational music and lm. Our mission is to empower musicians to create memorable, emotional, and relatable stories about conservation and sustainability in order to teach and inspire communities. We outline specific steps to take to better steward the earth, as well as promoting a general environmental ethic.

In the era of climate change, rural communities are often most affected by the consequences of our global emissions, but least informed about these changes, and what they can do to adapt. We seek to empower the voices of rural musicians and celebrities alike to communicate the importance of the environment, reaching thousands of people through radio and television broadcasts, new media, and media partners. In collective harmony, we plant the seeds of a brighter future in the hearts and minds of each individual listener, musician, and partner.


Musical conservation is my life's calling, one that I realized and started pursuing relentlessly in 2015 after a four-month canoe expedition with National Geographic's Okavango Wilderness Project. Before the expedition, I was torn between pursuing my studies in conservation and my musical background, until I realized I could use my education and musical ability to create something meaningful. I founded the non-profit "Conservation Music," traversing Southern Africa by motorbike, collaborating musically and visually with local artists to spread Education for Sustainable Development by using relatable musical styles and languages, then harnessing the universality of music to share these works globally.